Free Oscar Lopez Rivera

Free Oscar Lopez Rivera

Oscar Lopez Rivera

Camaradas El Barrio stands in solidarity with members of Congress, a number of religious organizations, labor organizations, human rights groups, Hispanic civic and community groups, community activists and widespread support across the political spectrum inside Puerto Rico and in the Diaspora that are calling for the release of Oscar López Rivera, who has currently served over 32 years in a U.S. prison.

Oscar López Rivera was not convicted for a violent crime. He was incarcerated for his beliefs and affiliations. Since Oscar López’s incarceration others who were incarcerated with him have been released. In 1999 then President Clinton determined that “The prisoners were serving extremely lengthy sentences in some cases 90 years which were out of proportion to their crimes.” As a result, 14 Puerto Rican political prisoners were granted clemency yet Oscar López Rivera remains incarcerated.

We ask that President Barack H. Obama exercise his executive privilege of commutation to end the incarceration of Oscar López Rivera.




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