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Some of our very first customers were local artists. This was not surprising since art in El Barrio was and continues to be one of the most important characteristics of this community. Home to El Museo Del Barrio and Taller Boricua, art lives and breathes in El Barrio, and one need only take a stroll around the neighborhood to confirm this as a fact. Since honoring our cultural roots is at the bedrock of what Camaradas stands for, exhibiting works by local artists on our walls was a natural part of our concept. As with our live music acts, we encourage visual artists to share their works and vision with us. Our walls as a gallery space has been a topic of conversation in the local art scene for years, and we are proud of that. Our customers, about half of which come from outside the community, look forward to viewing the latest exhibits.

About Our Curator:

Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo was born of Puerto Rican parentage in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan in 1978 and he was raised in the High Bridge Section of The Bronx. Ruíz Lorenzo is a writer, artist and curator. His works have exhibited in Reem Kayden Gallery, Bard College, the Skybridge Gallery (Eugene Lang College), The New School, the International Center of Photography (New York), The California Museum of Photography (Riverside), Photographic Resource Center (Boston) and Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art.

He has curated at El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños at Hunter College, bOb Gallery in NYC (2007-2011) and also has an ongoing series of exhibitions at Reem Kayden Gallery and Bard College. He’s been a patron of Camaradas since 2004 where he began to exhibit and paint murals in 2008 and has also curated and ghost-curated over eleven exhibitions in the last five years. In 2012, he launched the Emperial Gallery at Camaradas, a specialized series of site-specific exhibitions in collaboration with emerging artists and established artists in an experimental mode. The Emperial Gallery exhibition opening’s are from 6 to 9 PM and coincide with Bobbito Garcia’s iconic First Monday’s party. Él vive y trabaja en Nueva York.

Next Opening

Exhibits are updated regularly contact us for the next opening.

Camaradas El Barrio
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