photo by Shirley Rodriguez

Puerto Rican pub fare

The menu at Camaradas El Barrio features traditional Puerto Rican cuchifrito favorites, such as alcapurrias, which are patties made of yuca or green bananas and filled with ground sirloin and pastelillos also known as empanadas, which we stuff with ground sirloin or chicken. Our chuchifritos also share space on our menu with more traditional pub fare items; such as fresh cut fries, quesadillas, sliders and our well-known barrio burger.

At Camaradas we like to think that we invented the term Puerto Rican pub fare. Our culinary philosophy has always been to keep it simple and fresh.

Through out the years several favorites have emerged and customers come from far and wide for our Jibaro Sandwich, the anchor of our menu. The distinguishing feature of this sandwich is that there is no bread.  Instead two tostones incase the ingredients, which include; our slow cooked, succulent pernil (pork shoulder,) greens, plumb tomatoes and our Camaradas sauce for dressing. If you have pork issues one can order it with grilled chicken or go vegetarian with just plumb tomatoes and avocado.

If you desire something more filling then we suggest our customers try our mofongo relleno. Brought to the Caribbean by our African ancestors, most likely Ghana where they cook a similar dish called Fufu, the mofongo relleno is a self-contained meal of plantains, garlic, pernil and pork crackling. Once again, if you’re staying away from pork for dietary or religious reasons then one can choose chicken as the filling or our vegetarian option.

Our menu also has an option for groups who want a little of this and a little of that and for them we have our popular Camaradas’ platter, which includes: tostones (yuca or green plantain), chicharrón de pollo, alcapurrias, pastelillos and dipping sauces (garlic mojito and Camaradas’ Sauce).

(photo by Shirley Rodriguez)


Food Menu

Camaradas House Salad

Mixed greens, plumb tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and rice flower croutons 12.
Add: chicken 3.
avacado 2.
bacon 2.

Pernil, Chicken or Vegetable

Camaradas Platter
Two alcapurrias, two empanadas, two Barrio sliders, chicharrón de pollo, tostones,  yuca fries, mojo, Camaradas sauce

Chicharrón de Pollo
Chopped leg, seasoned in our Adobo Mix and Sofrito battered in our flour mix and fried.
Served with your choice of side

Beef Stew
Angus beef chunks, potatoes, celery, peas, carrots, seasoned with tomato-based sofrito.
Served with tostones

Mofongo Tradicional
Pork, chicken or veggie (portobello mushrooms, carmelized onions, queso blanco)
Platano 16.
Yuca 17.
Served with Stalk and House Mojo

Alcapurrias (2)

w/ beef 9.
w/ chicken 8.

w/ beef 8.
w/ chicken 7.

Served with house mojo.

Cubano 9.
Beef 9.
Chicken 8.
Veggie 6.
Cheese 5.

Served with Camaradas sauce. All fillings are handmade and served to order.

El Jíbaro
Your choice of Veggie Mix, Pork or Chicken, with Spring Mix & tomato, Camaradas sauce on “pan de plátano” made to order
(Half Order) 7.

Barrio Burger
Angus beef (ground in house) with mixed greens, plumb tomatoes, pickles (made in house), Camaradas sauce, and your choice of one side.

Barrio Slider
Three Angus beef sliders seasoned with our Adobo mix, with bacon, Camaradas sauce, Spring Mix, tomatoe, mayo.
Served with French Fries or Yuca Frita.

Veggie Burger
Gandules and Garbanzos blended to perfection, seasoned with sofrito made into a patty with homemade avocado mousse, Spring Mix, tomato, cucumbers, roasted bell peppers.
Served with your choice of Side.

Cubano Sandwich
Roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mayo, flattened and toasted with house mojo

Lemon Pepper Wings

Breaded in our flour mixture of lemon pepper spices and smothered in your choice of Buffalo Style or BBQ spice sauce.
Served with blue cheese.
(Half Order) 6.

– – Add Extras – –
• Cheese 1.
(Choice of Swiss, Cheddar, Queso Blanco)
• Ham 1.
• Caramelized Onions 1.
• Portobello mushrooms 1.
• Eggs 1.
• Roasted Red Bell Peppers 1.
• All In-House Sauces 1.
• Avocado 2.
• Bacon 2.

– – Sides – –
each 6.
• Tostones
• Maduros (when ripe)
• Yuca frita
• French fries

Rice & Beans Combo
Rice & Beans with your choice of chicken, pernil, or chicharrones.

– – Dessert – –
7. (each)

Chocolate Empanada
(Served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream)

Flan of the Day


Happy Hour, EVERY DAY, 3-7PM


All food in Camaradas is prepared daily. We do not serve frozen foods. All sauces are made in house with fresh ingredients. All produce and meats are fresh from local markets.

  • Planning a party? A birthday? An office get-together? CAMARADAS is the public house for you! Ask management or one of your servers for more information on special rates and accommodations.
  • 18% gratuity added to parties of four or more.
  • For your convenience you may download a copy of the Camaradas El Barrio menu by clicking here.

Also check our monthly events calendar .

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