Wayback Whensday


Every Wednesday is WAYBACK WHENsday with G-Bo The Pro

DJ G-Bo The Pro, a native of El Barrio/Spanish Harlem, kicked off “Wayback Whensday” way back in 2008 and it is still running strong, every week, giving birth to copy-cat nights all over New York City. G-Bo is a pioneer and legend of the mix-tape, and from his vast archives he brings his Wednesday fans heavy doses of CLASSIC Hip Hop, Freestyle, Reggae, Merengue and Salsa. For those in the know, this is a ritual, part of the true New Yorker’s 7-day weekend!


Visit his Website; FacebookTwitterInstagram and of course on SoundCloud.

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Upcoming Event

*No cover charge | Free


Camaradas El Barrio
2241 First Avenue
New York, NY 10029

Dj G-Bo The Pro